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Why Do People Buy Anabolic Steroids?
By: Bob Howard

Why Buy Anabolic Steroids

Where do individuals buy anabolic steroids? They really only have two choices; from a physician or the black market. At one time it wasnít that difficult to find a sympathetic doctor who would prescribe anabolic steroids to athletes. With the reclassification of anabolic steroids as a controlled substance in the early 1990ís, most doctors now avoid having anything to do with the prescribing of anabolic steroids Ė even for legitimate medical reasons. The penalties are just too harsh. In response to this, bodybuilders have turned to steroid suppliers on the black market for their anabolic steroid cycles. This industry that has always existed for bodybuilders to buy anabolic steroids and other drugs.

The majority of the different types of steroids available on the black market originate in Mexico. They are first smuggled into the U.S. where they are distributed throughout the North American continent. Given its close proximity to Mexico, itís not surprising that one of the major centers of this black market is California. From here the anabolic steroids are usually sent by mail or by courier to anabolic steroid suppliers in other U.S. states or Canada.


The problem with the existence of any black market is that invariably it becomes a nucleus around which criminal activities grow and prosper. After stricter laws regarding using and buying anabolic steroids were passed in the early 1990ís, many small-time anabolic steroid suppliers got out of the market altogether. As black market prices increased because of reduced supply and higher risk, the profits to be made became attractive to dealers of other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. The only reasonable way to buy anabolic steroids was to go out of the country. The result was a marked change in the character of the anabolic steroid black market, with violence becoming a key factor in maintaining control. Instead of going to some otherwise law-abiding citizen at the local gym for their steroid cycles, users had to start dealing direct with hardcore dealers when buying anabolic steroids. Itís not surprising that the market for anabolic steroid alternatives has exploded over the last decade.

©Bob Howard Article 02/01 2006

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