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Effects Of Steroids In Muscle Sculpting
By: Joe Okoro

Effects of Steroids In Muscle Sculpting

Most times we hear or come across popular people who have an attractively sculpted muscles and fine shape who got that through the use of steroids. This is the case with some famous movie or music stars across the globe. Unfortunately, what these people do not see is the detrimental and possibly damaging effect this substance can have on them. At any rate, a lot of controversies, confusion, and rumours have surrounded steroids and its use.

It is even surprising that even people who do not have full knowledge of this substance are propagating the news that taking steroids is like taking poison that will kill one slowly. If you know of such one, it is time to correct that negative impression by reading this article to get the plain truth about steroids.

Steroids are substances directly prepared from the laboratory from the human male hormone called testosterone. It is also called anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids function as a protein synthesis and make it possible for the muscles to increase in size with less weight. Thus it has the capability of building a muscular body and also gives a temporary increase in body stamina, strength, and size. That is the main reason why many people patronise this substance.

As for those who want to sculpt their bodies and are considering steroids, so many doubts seeking clarifications goes on in their mind. Such questions as "can steroids kill?" is a common one. My answer to such question is a capital no. Because this substance also function like other drugs prescribed by your regular doctor, but its use should by strictly under qualified expert supervision. Due to the fact that steroids is now a contraband, we can not fully have all the necessary information about it.

Unfortunately, some youths still believe that steroids use will be the ultimate solution to their muscle building activity. They forget that since this is now a contraband, it becomes illegal to have it as having it will be an offence punishable by law. Thus the only accessible route to have illegal possession of this substance is through the black market.

Another controversy about steroids, is that people believe that steroids come in solid forms such as pills or powder. The truth of the matter is that steroids come in form of intra-venous (IV) and solid form. The IV are safer to use since it by passes the liver and goes straight into the blood stream to function. The IV has more potential to produce the male symptoms of hair and aggressive nature than the solid forms. It is important to know that steroids use can result into some very disturbing side effects when used.

Below are some information about steroids:

The merits of steroids:

A. Enhances an increase in the production of proteins via amino acids.
B. It enhances the increase in muscle size and mass reduction.
C. It increases one's appetite for food.
D. Enhances the increase in bone size and development.
E. Helps in the increase in production of red blood cells in the body.

The Demerits of Steroids:

A. Aids in the excessive and unacceptable increase of the sex organs.
B. Causes increase in body hair.
C. Creates heaviness and breaking of the voice.
D. Causes an unnatural increases in the appetite for sex.
E. Occasionally affect sperm counts for some individual.

I believe with this little piece of information, you will be able to make your personal decision whether steroids use is for you or not in developing a stunning and sculptured physique.

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