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Steroids Stacking!
By Bob Howard

Steroid Stacking

Bodybuilders have always had a reputation for taking things to the extreme. It probably started with protein supplements in the 1950’s. Once word started circulating that extra protein could help them build more muscle mass, certain individuals simply upped their intakes. One shake a day was replaced by two, and two became four, etc. The old adage that “if some is good, more is better”, was definitely alive and well on California’s Muscle Beach.

The practice of “taking more than the next guy” followed bodybuilders into the 1960’s as steroids became available. Small dosages of one steroid became megadoses. As soon as new steroids were invented, bodybuilders simply added them to their cycles. The practice of taking two or more drugs at the same time is called steroids stacking.

Why Stack?

The primary reason is effectiveness. Taking more than one drug at a time often produces what’s called a synergistic effect. This means that each drug magnifies the other’s effects. Instead of two steroids producing 10 new pounds of muscle each (20 pounds total) they may produce 30 or 40 pounds when taken together. Some bodybuilding drugs like growth hormone don’t seem to be that potent on their own but when combined with steroids the results are nothing short of outstanding. Bodybuilders, who have plateaued at 230-240 pounds, routinely go up to 260 or 270 pounds when they add growth hormone to their cycles.

A second reason for steroids stacking is tied into passing drug tests. Different steroids have different clearance times in the body. Injectables, particularly the ester-based versions, may linger in the body for nearly two years after their last usage. Orals on the other hand may clear out of the body in a few weeks. Bodybuilders and other athletes in sports with drugs tests work with this by stacking the different types of steroids together. They’ll use higher dosages of injectables initially and then decrease their dosage while increasing the dosage of orals. This way they can maintain their muscle size and strength while standing a better chance of passing a drug test.

So why not stack?

Stacking steroids is not recommended for a number of reasons. With each steroid that is added to the body, the liver has to work harder to metabolize it and remove it from your body. This is why heavy alcohol users often develop cirrhosis of the liver. Their livers literally burn out from having to process all that extra drug (yes alcohol is a drug!). Heavy steroid use is no different. It will damage your liver over time.

Ironically the primary benefit of steroids stacking is also its chief disadvantage. While stacking will produce greater gains than possible with just one drug, most bodybuilders will become addicted to the practice. Who wants to go back to benching 225 pounds when they’ve become accustomed to hoisting 300 or 400 pounds? Not many we assure you. So they stay on heavy stacks and greatly increase their odds of developing side effects.

The final reason for stacking steroids is probably the most important – it’s illegal! That’s right; steroids are now controlled substances like cocaine and heroine. And the more you have in your possession the more likely you’ll be charged. A judge may look the other way at one bottle of Dianabol, but we’re almost guaranteed they’ll throw the book at you if you have a mixture of Dianabol, Winstrol, and Deca-Durabolin.

Play it safe and legal with steroid alternatives!

The science of bodybuilding supplementation has become so advanced that there are now products that imitate illegal steroids, but without the same degree of side effects or legal aspects. Many of these steroid alternatives can provide a comparable effect to anabolic steroids, but are considered legal because they do not convert to testosterone or act like anabolic hormones until they are taken into the body! These legal steroid analogs have been designed with the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients to maximize your bodybuilding potential.

Bob Howard expert on bodybuilding and legal analog steroids. Are you looking for more of his steroids stacking articles?

©Article Bob Howard 03/22/2006


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