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Stagnation In Muscle Building - How To Deal With Problem
By: Joe Okoro

Stagnation In Muscle Building - How To Deal With Problem

What do you do when you hit the wall in muscle sculpting? Most times people complain about this when they notice that their strength, energy, and power seems to have stagnated or stopped increasing. They complain that despite their increased intake of proteins and increased workouts that they see no improvement in their activity. My main reason of writing this article is to help you appreciate and understand how this very problem affects you or will affect you in the future if you have not experienced it before and how you can cope as well as conquer this dilemma.

You have to understand that the ability of the body's cells and tissues to grow to full potential involves more than just feeding it with overloads of food growth components found in foods such as protein. Other chemical compositions play a role in this metabolism. Such components as the body's PH (level of acidity or alkalinity), cell membranes, enzymes, glands, hormones, etc plays a vital role in the body's regulation.

Therefore, the body's ability to grow depends on some stimulations that are triggered by such bodies as hormones, steroids etc to cause a consequent rejuvenation of the entire body system. These bodies (hormones, steroids) are called stimulators. However, sometimes it appears that the cell membranes of the body have stopped or become deactivated so to speak and thus can no longer respond to these stimulators to cause a change in growth. At this stage, you feel you are stagnated because the body stop responding to your workouts and diets. It is very important that you understand this phenomenon so as to be able to handle and cope with it conveniently. You will need to "reactivate" your body's system to start functioning again.

The question is how do you go "reactivating" this problem?

Well that will require efforts and some time from you.

To successfully reactivate your system, your body's membrane should be able to respond to your efforts. You will need to detoxify your system and make a change in your diet plan. This diet plan should allow the reduction of stress created on the liver's ability to process the regulation of fat and protein breakdowns. How do you do that? You have to be fully aware that this change in diet will mean a loss of weight and muscles in you. You need not fret here because this measure is only a temporary phase to move you hundred leaps away from your present situations. For those hitting the wall, detoxification is the treatment. This will lead to a momentary loss of weight and muscle.

The mistake that most people do to keep away from weight gain is by consuming too much of proteinous foods thinking that this will help them to remain sculpted in muscles. But the truth of the matter is the excessive consumption of these protein foods is the main reason for stagnation in body development. This is because too much protein produces excess amino acids, and because the liver can not handle the too much workload, it tries to convert the excess amino acids to fats and carbohydrates in the process straining it to deal with toxic end products that these decomposition yields.

Additionally, when you take food low in carbohydrate, it can affect the body's ability to burn fats, because these food products contain chemical elements such as glycerine, ethanol, and sorbitol which limits the liver's capacity to process sugars and fats.

Therefore to treat it, follow the following procedures:

1. Stop taking all forms of alcohol.
2. Stop your workouts training for the meantime.
3. Eat more of fruits, vegetables in the day time. This helps a fast decomposition to take place.
4. Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals in your diet.
5. Avoid low carbohydrate foods that contain glycerine or sorbitol.
6. Replace processed foods with whole foods for a few days.
7. Limit your salt consumption.
8. If you have been taking other food supplements, you will need to stop it right away.

With the above tips, you should be able to treat stagnation after a while and you will be able to see significant changes and above all a better shaped physique that you have always craved for.

Joe Okoro writes about Muscle Sculpting, fitness and Body building in his free reports. You can sign up for his courses and get additional information by visiting:


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