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How are Steroids Used?
By: Bob Howard

How Are Steroids Used

Steroids are used by just about anyone who wants to increase their muscle size and strength, as well as individuals trying to lose body fat. In the past, their use was mostly seen in college, Olympic, and professional sports, but today, these drugs are being used by both competitive as well as noncompetitive athletes. Teens as young as 12-years-old have reported using these compounds. In general society, firefighters and police officers use them to better handle the daily rigors of their jobs. Bouncers and military personal use them to better prepare their bodies for combat.

Steroids are either taken orally in tablet form or injected intramuscularly. Unfortunately users rely on hearsay and gossip to determine dosage levels that may not be safe. Individuals often take megadoses of hundreds of milligrams per day, whereas medical doctors prescribe only 1 to 5 mg. per day for legitimate medical uses. Operating under the sometimes-false assumption that taking “more is better” some users typically combine many different types of steroids with other products, a phenomenon known as “stacking.” Smart users take them in “cycles” where they use the drugs for six to 12 weeks at a time alternated with periods where they “go off the juice.” This is done for a number of reasons, ranging from avoiding the building up of tolerance or passing a drug test, to running out of cash.

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How Are Steroids Used!








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